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Isotope Pattern Calculator v4.0

----- For naturally occurring isotopes version -----

Developed by Junhua Yan 2001.9

Please type molecular formula (case sensitive):

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Some sample of syntax for molecular formula:
1. CuSO4.5H2O; CH3(CH2)9COOH; PhOH; AcOEt ( The elements supported#; The Symbols of Groups supported#. Add your Groups! )
2. Gly-Ile-Ala-Thr-Asp; GlyIleAlaThrAsp----   (The symbols of Amino Acid supported)
3. [13C]6H5OH; C6H5[13C]6H4[19F]    ( [13C] presents 13C(isotope); [19F] presents 19F(isotope); It just supports naturally occurring isotopes. If you want to calculate all possible isotopes(for the riched isotopes), please click here.)
Low Resolution                  High Resolution
Show peaks from mass value to . (Optional)
Some mass peaks which relative abundances are
Set decimal places for the exact  mass in the data table = *
Set tags for all  peaks  = *
Set offset of the up-down position of  tags  = 

* (Increase this value, the tags will move down; Decrease this value,  the tags will move up.)  

Set offset of the left-right position of  tags  = 

* (Increase this value, the tags will move right; Decrease this value,  the tags will move left.)  

*: The items are just for high resolution.
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#:  Oscar van Vlijmen from Netherlands gave me much help for correcting atom mass data and provided lots of groups. I greatly appreciate what he did for this software.

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